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About me

Why I am doing this?

Because I love seeing people grow, change their lives around, become happier, healthier and more fulfilled. And, oh, do I love being part of that!

The privilege

of seeing the person at their most vulnerable and most powerful. When they decide that they want to change. When they decide to make their lives better. When they decide to take charge and become active writers of their story.

I have experience

in peer-to-peer counselling and leading support and awareness raising groups for over a decade. So I have seen it happen before. And I’ve got addicted to the dopamine boost of being able to empower someone else to create a better life for themselves; to see a shy smile on their face as they share how they have been able to prioritise self-care for the first time in a long while.

I never stopped

being an activist. I’m just an impatient one. I want to see the change happen and I want to see it now.

So if you feel stuck and think coaching would be helpful, send me a message to book a free discovery session.

Olga makes magic! I don’t know how it happens, but just one or two right questions make you look at things from a new angle, changing your perception of the situation and thus leading you to new solutions. Katerina

What is Coaching?

Coaching is your space to tackle whatever it is that holds you back from dreams, from happiness, from moving forward. It’s your space to dream big with full support and no limits. I will be there to believe in you even when you struggle to believe in yourself.

As a coach I will help you ask yourself powerful questions, really getting to the bottom, to the core of what’s going on for you. I will not attempt to fix you. You are fine the way you are and don’t need any fixing. You will not hear from me what you should do. You are the expert in your life and you know it better me. But you can count on help in exploring different options, creating solutions, and choosing your next steps.

Coaching is your space to figure out where you want to go and determine your direction. It’s your space to challenge the status quo and the default scenario of your life. I will be as gentle or as fierce as you may need me to be so that you can take the leap.

I will help you create an alternative scenario and future for yourself. The one that truly excites you, makes you smile in anticipation, and takes you off the couch to take action.

I’m finally moving forward and this is thanks to my dearest life coach. Definitely can recommend Olga for anyone who feels stuck in their current life situation and needs tools and help to move forward. R.V.

How it works

Not sure if coaching is right for you?

Coaching can be life changing and you want to make sure you are in it with the right person. Before we start I offer you a free discovery session. You can get to know me, ask any questions and see if you want to continue. In one hour we will explore what you want to achieve with coaching and how come you don’t have it yet.

If we both feel we are a good fit we can lock in your first session. Sessions are one hour long and can be done via video call or in person. I recommend once a week or every other week. The regularity helps create momentum for your change.

Pay as you go

The most flexible option there is

You pay for each session as you book them. No long term commitment. Can be great if you just need to gain clarity about a particular situation or issue.

£50 per session

I want change

When you want a change in your life

Creating change takes commitment and you are ready for it. This is a one month package of 4 sessions for you to go deeper. We will have time to explore and challenge whatever stands between you and the life you want.

£180 for the package

I want transformation

When you want to have a deep transformation across all aspects of your life

This 3 months – 6 session package is for you if you are determined to create a great life for yourself and willing to invest into it. We will explore where you are and where you want to be. You will have space to go deep and re-evaluate what you may have been taking for granted in your values, habits and beliefs. We will strengthen the ones that serve you and challenge and create alternative for the ones that don’t anymore. This way you will create a lasting transformation from within.

£240 for the package

Start your transformation today

book your free 1 hour discovery session here

or drop me a line if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you!

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