What my clients

Olga makes magic! I don’t know how it happens, but just one or two right questions make you look at things from a new angle, changing your perception of the situation and thus leading you to new solutions. Thanks to coaching I was able to make a decision that significantly changed my life and I am very grateful to Olga for this!If you want to a achieve a goal, start a project or just get a magic boost to action, but something is in your way, run to Olga!

PS. Every session was like a breath of fresh air to me. Olga is very pleasant and makes you feel at ease from the first minutes!


Thank you, Olga, for coaching me these last couple of months. Having no expectations from the overall process, I’m positively surprised with the tremendous impact this experience had on me: I’m looking at my life from a totally new angle, seeing future and things I want to do and goals to pursue as 100% achievable. This wasn’t always the case, as my old patterns kept on interfering and were blocking me from going further. I’m finally moving forward and this is thanks to my dearest life coach. Definitely can recommend Olga for anyone who feels stuck in their current life situation and needs tools and help to move forward. Thank you once again.