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Treat yourself

for the holiday season and start

the New Year strong

For me Winter Holidays are a time for miracles.

That’s when two years ago I got my first coaching and changed my life from lost and depressed to happy and fulfilled. I believe in paying it forward and am now offering a chance for you to create your miracle!

I offer over 50% discount for a limited time only! Please read the details below for how to apply and all the extra bonuses you can get!

What if this holiday season you get a gift for yourself?

Do you take your happiness and wellbeing seriously?

Do you want to make your dreams a priority?

Are you ready to take charge of all aspects of your life?

If any of the above questions resonate with you I might be able to help!

Earlier this year I qualified as a transformational coach with Animas Centre for Coaching. And before then I have been supporting people through peer-to-peer counselling and awareness raising groups.

My clients say:

“Working with Olga is to experience coaching at its best – a process of attentive, insightful, focused and creative support in reaching your goals”

“The results are obvious”

“Olga is a master of good questions. She has a fresh perspective and doesn’t let you get away with ‘I can’t’ or ‘it’s impossible’”

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One month of bespoke coaching

£149 instead of £299

50% discount, you save £150

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Three months of bespoke coaching

£219 instead of £449

50% discount, you save £230

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what my clients say
Olga makes magic! I don’t know how it happens, but just one or two right questions make you look at things from a new angle, changing your perception of the situation and thus leading you to new solutions. Thanks to coaching I was able to make a decision that significantly changed my life and I am very grateful to Olga for this!If you want to a achieve a goal, start a project or just get a magic boost to action, but something is in your way, run to Olga!PS. Every session was like a breath of fresh air to me. Olga is very pleasant and makes you feel at ease from the first minutes!Katerina

what my clients say
Thank you, Olga, for coaching me these last couple of months. Having no expectations from the overall process, I’m positively surprised with the tremendous impact this experience had on me: I’m looking at my life from a totally new angle, seeing future and things I want to do and goals to pursue as 100% achievable. This wasn’t always the case, as my old patterns kept on interfering and were blocking me from going further. I’m finally moving forward and this is thanks to my dearest life coach. Definitely can recommend Olga for anyone who feels stuck in their current life situation and needs tools and help to move forward. Thank you once again.R.V.

what my clients say
What did you get out of working with Olga?Attentive and insightful support – listening, gentle reflecting, accepting. the space to be, talk, think out loud and not be judged. Safe space to feel and express. An opportunity to go through my life with a strengthened sense of my abilities and confidence.     What transformations did coaching bring into your life?Several light bulbs. One of the most important ones – uncovering deep seated beliefs regarding money, time and value. Coming face to face with the inner critic in a way that I hadn’t done before and learning how to respect and accept that part of my experience. Practicing self-trust and confidence. Would you recommend Olga as a coach to your friends? Why?Yes, definitely. Working with Olga is to experience coaching at its best – a process of attentive, insightful, focused and creative support in reaching your goals. Olga creates a time and space to be, think, reflect and grow without judgement or expectation, putting trust and responsibility back in your hands.Kate, Berlin

what my clients say
My impression was that coaching with Olga was exciting, useful and comfortable experience, in spite of how delicate it was. We didn’t have enough sessions for me tounderstand exactly how it works, but the results are obvious: I moved from the place where I was stuck and changed my perspective and the ways I look at who I am and what I need from myself and from my life. I found that very interesting!Our conversations with Olga made me feel energetic and proactive. I wanted to reclaim these ways I used to feel as a child, and Olga helped me with that!I strongly recommend Olga as a coach to anyone who as me feels they need a professional they can trust who can lead you out of the obvious dead-end of creative powerlessness and energetic futility.Irina Volle, St. Petersburg